Spanda Dance Temple

As a lifelong dancer, I was taught that the movement of my body had rules. There were right and wrong ways to move and place her.  I learned that my body dimensions, and even her very bone structure had restrictions, and that there were many reasons it would not be good enough. Because of this, I watched my diet and abused my body for years- telling her she was ugly, wishing her breasts away, trying to keep that gap between her thighs, and keeping any semblance of control I possibly could. Growth is an inevitable thing, and you can only keep an animal trapped for so long before she develops patterns of self-deprecation and insecurity. Consciousness itself- The Divine Mother, called Shakti (creative power) shows us that she is ALL of this- she is the moment of creation and the concealment, the dissolution and the destruction and finally, yet always- the revelation. We are born into this world to forget that we are Divine. We learn ways of thinking, ways of moving, and ways of expressing ourselves according to societal norms.


Can we come together to take back our power? If not for ourselves, can we move for those who WISH they could? Can we hold space for all those who are oppressed, trapped, unhealthy, and suffering in any way? Can we create a safe and sacred space to reclaim our ceremonial BIRTHRIGHT of movement and expression as an offering to Divine Love? Can we breathe and sweat and move together as a moment of connection with ourselves and each other? Can we smile and laugh and experience it ALL- the discomfort, the suffering, the pain, AND the ecstasy? We are Consciousness itself, being revealed and destroyed, over and over and over again, and this is SPANDA- not only the pulsation of creation, but the POWER OF THE PULSATION. This, my loves, is who we truly are. Meet me there.

Join us! Every Wednesday 8-9am EST-  on Zoom.  Registration required:
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