Mentoring and Coaching

Are you in need of some guidance or inspiration? Are you a creative being that just needs a nudge in the right direction, or perhaps some validation in your current endeavor? Do you feel like you have a voice but either don’t know where to start, or feel overwhelmed and need some structure? I hear you. I’ve been there too and continue to feel like this and learn from this space everyday.

The thing is, you don’t need permission from anyone to be the amazing person that you are. No matter what, you just ARE that already. The biggest block of our success is ourselves, and perhaps our relationship with self-worth, based on some judgement or shame feeling we took on early in life that just wasn’t true and in fact probably had very little to do with us. These harsh critics and rejections are just tests from the Universe: what is it that you couldn’t live without doing or creating and are so passionate about that failing wouldn’t stop you? What comes up from that last sentence? We will process that together.

I’ll tell you all about the many, many times I have failed, how I’ve had my heart broken by resistance and haters, and I’ll share with you the resources and tools I used to bring myself back to balance. I’ll share with you how I lost everything and had no choice but to go for my dream- and now I am living the life I always wanted in financial abundance! There will always be challenges in this life, but as Brene Brown says: “un-used creativity is not benign”. Let’s work together to reveal, nurture, and fulfill your Soul’s purpose (Dharma). You’ve got this!

Let’s get started. Rates start at $100/hour for virtual and in-person sessions. Packages are available.

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