Dr. Jennifer Deets: PHD, ryt, Veteran, and Transform program director of Warriors at Ease

Samantha Simons: crprs, eryt, yacep and founder of The AIRS Project

Nicole Daone- Author and Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher

Tina Patel- RYT200 and founder of Saheli Yoga

Kris Freeze Horrell: RYT200 + Integrative Health Coach

I started the Soul Alchemy course upon recommendation from my cousin after her course completion. She seemed calmer and confident in the way she presents herself and I was interested in the same. I had some underlying past issues. My mother died unexpectedly less than two years ago and past trauma I still wanted to address. Noelle was welcoming from the beginning and I felt comfortable talking with her about almost anything. She is a calm presence and I decided to take the chance. 

The course broadened my thinking by educating me on Ayurveda and yogic practices and their historical backgrounds. I learned new mantras, danced like no once was watching and truly connected with other humans even virtually. The course addresses the numerous facets of life where we can get feel “stuck” and not life our lives to the fullest. Soul Alchemy reminded me to live authentically and surround myself with people who accept me. I was reminded to ask the deep questions, be empathetic, and show kindness.

Overall, I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to dig deeper, learn something new, and do the work to live their best life. I loved the visualizations, meditation, dancing and new connections. Thank you Noelle!”

-Trayanna Whiting- Nursing Informatics System Specialist at Duke University Hospital


” I’ve never considered myself a spiritual person.  I’ve always gravitated more toward words like “secular“ or “non-denominational“.  Not adhering to an oppressive religious doctrine is important to me.  It defines my demands for freedom and peace.  So when I heard the course had a lot of Hindu deity stories, mantra chanting, and something called “ecstatic dance“ I was petrified and skeptical.  I decided to just take a breath and trust the process.

I dove in headfirst and damn if Noelle’s pure energy and kind enthusiasm didn’t have my critical atheist self chanting, dancing, and singing during our online gatherings- and even on walks, in the car and in the grocery aisles!

My whole attitude, happiness level, and focus has shifted for the better. I find myself able to get back on track more quickly using rituals of mantra.  I can now better allow mindfulness, happiness, and steadiness in my day while humming bhajans, drumming out a beat on a countertop, moving in dance, or chanting a joyful Beej mantra.

Soul Alchemy not only showed the way to Oneness within my own life, but also illuminated how all beings everywhere seek love and bliss in their own special rituals. I can now use these tools that once felt forbidden in order to connect and transcend any suffering in my life. I know fully now that we all are One.

How grateful I am to have more tools in my wellness box that bring me peace and thus allow for me to help inspire peace for the world!”

-Nicole Daone – RYT200- Kunga Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Otterbach Germany- also see video above

“If all I had from this beautiful, inspiring, lovingly-crafted course was the insight from my future self in our final meditation, it will have been enough. Thank you!”

-Dr. Jennifer Deets- Watson College of Education, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

“Whoa this practice was amazing, thank you so much! You have such a gentle and curious way of offering these comprehensive teachings.”

-Megan Pullin- Yoga therapy student, 300 hour Kunga Yoga Teacher Training Graduate at In Balance Yoga, Blacksburg, VA

“Narayani Noelle has an amazing understanding of Yoga Psychology and Ayurveda, among her many other unique skill sets.

While I have yet to enjoy this Soul Alchemy Adventure into myself, the Detox Vinyasa weekend I recently attended surprised me with the depth and scope of her knowledge base and the exploration into why we are here.

I am very familiar with this path and the refreshing perspective she brings enlightened and continued to engage me.

Even if you believe you are solid in your life path, spending time in deep conversation with yourself will enhance you experience of love by loving and serving others.”

-Ed Pickett – Kripalu Yoga, Surfing Safety Instructor- Wilmington, NC

“If you are looking for a course to set your life on a track of truth and meaning and purpose led straight from your heart, this is it. Noelle’s spirit is infectious and she is wise beyond words. Her Soul Alchemy program starts in a few weeks. I highly recommend setting up a call to see if it is for you. And it’s adaptable for the neurodiverse thanks to her education and patience. So don’t think depression or anxiety should hold you back or there isn’t a course for you, because there is, and it will help in so many ways ? please check out her course!”

-Jessica McNally, Owner of Purple Blossom Yoga Studio , Greenville, NC