New Single: July Girl by Emily Burdette- help us release new music!

Hey, hey!

Emily Burdette here! I am working on my next release for a song I call “July Girl.” I have previous records out on Spotify and iTunes, but this single is extra special. I have been working hard with many other local musicians/artists/engineers for months now. I have never been more excited to release a song! I am asking for your help to get this song out there. Not only does it take many, many people for a project like this; but it takes a lot of money. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to get my songs out into the world and heard by as many people as possible. I hope you will support me in this latest endeavor. I plan to share updates with you, as well as behind-the-scenes info!

You will be supporting not only me, but ALL of the musicians who participated in this record!